About Simon Nash & SNPumps

I would like to introduce my business "Simon Nash Pumps and Irrigation "
I have been involved in pumps and associated equipment industry for 29 years first working for Regent pumps then Davey Products before moving to the north coast in 1989 and working for an established company  Fluid Conveyancing then my own business.

My main areas of expertise are in pumps but have acquired a varied knowledge of associated equipment and specialized industries.

Some of these are as follows:

  • Sewage, grey and Storm water pumps.
  • Potable water supply to high rise buildings with VFD driven pumps and mechanical driven.
  • Irrigation to Nurseries, Golf Clubs, Parks and sports fields-(grassed and artificial.)
  • Sand dune foreshore reforestation in regards to irrigation
  • Non- potable and potable filtration involving different types of media as well as UV sterilization * Chemical dosing systems - commercial and domestic.
  • Pollution Control in the form of liquid aeration, irrigation and processing.
  • Seafood industry in relation to oysters, mud crabs, mussels and a mixture of different fisheries Commercial pools and fun parks.
  • Food processing
  • Sewage treatment plants - council
  • Dust suppression
  • Bottled water supplies from bores (Primary)
  • Hydroponics
  • Air operated equipment and compressors
  • UV sterilisation and filtration


I hold licenses for confined space work, white card, restricted electrical, restricted plumbing (irrigation) drivers license (nsw) in QLD and NSW.

I do keep up to date with advances in the above but there is always something new you never stop learning. I am happy to here your future plans and offer any help to make them a reality.


Simon Nash

Simon nash pumps